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Turn Encompass® into a mighty communication powerhouse.

What's the one system you pay for that has 100% user adoption? That's right: Encompass®. We will help you turn the naturally occurring LO, Processor, & Underwriter activities into automatic messages that will help complete the fantastic customer experience vision you have. No need to invest in costly systems and rely on humans to fulfill the #1 thing customers and partners demand: timely, relevant information.

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Your Data + Intelligent Documents + Multi-Channel Communication
= A Truly Personalized Customer Experience

Intelligent Documents

Hyper-personalization is key for maximum engagement

Show them that you know them. Living, dynamic documents that adapt to the data presented gives you an unprecedented level of personalization.

Personalized Graphics

Dynamic graphics that include demographic and even personal elements can be generated on the fly.

Smart Messages

Messages that break because of missing information are so 2018! Rest easy knowing that Connector messages have been carefully constructed to adapt to all the important data, even the data that might be missing.

Calls To Action

At critical waypoints on the customer journey, Connector will ask for Referrals, Online Reviews, Surveys, and more.

Multi-Step Workflows

Multi-step workflows means your messages have more power than ever before. From data enrichment to generated landing pages, Connector provides a force-multiplier to the common message.

Multi-channel Communication

Send the right message through the right medium

Everyone consumes information differently. Why not send messages in the way your customers and partners want them?

Responsive Email

Emails sent through Connector have undergone a rigorous testing process to ensure they look good, regardless of the email client they are being viewed on. Connector emails are tested on over 70 email clients.


With a global average open rate of close to 94%, it's no wonder that text messages are quickly becoming the preferred medium for delivering critical communication.

Print & Mail Service

Full-service and automatic. Important disclosures, life-events -like birthdays & anniversaries - and reminders can all be sent through Connector based on Encompass® events and triggers.

Pre-built engagement strategies

Content is king.  Connector brings the content.

Delivering the right message, to the right people, the right way is a daunting, and sometimes overwhelming task.

Engagement Strategies

The Customer Journey can be a complex path with a lot of different emotions along the way. With the pre-built contact engagement strategies that come with Connector, you can focus on getting customers on the path, knowing that the communications they will receive have been created with the express purpose of, not only helping them complete their journey, but inviting more people to join them.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Intelligent Documents + Multi-Channel Communication + Contact Strategies + Data

Connector combines all the elements necessary to deliver truly personalized customer experiences.

The vision of 1:1 messaging is now possible

Listen as Joe Tyrrell, EVP Corporate Strategy at Ellie Mae® describes the power of data to transform your customer experience.

You're competing against the best online experience
your customer has ever had -anywhere.

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Good companies communicate with their customers.

Great companies CONNECT with them.

Lower Your Costs. Maximize Your Profits

Ditch the costly systems that can't demonstrate ROI.

Only pay for the jobs Connector does. Choose the perfect Connector plan to fit your work, your team and your requirements. Plans available for every team.


No.  Connector scans your existing Encompass® instance and only uses the data needed for the communication that is being sent for a specific Encompass® trigger.

Because your data does not need to be sent to another system, the only information that is transferred is the information that is required for a particular message. With SOC II accredidation, you can be assured that the limited information that is provided is in good hands.

Connector is fully supported by a staff of trained professionals that are committed to ensuring your success. Support information will be provided during your onboarding.

Because you only pay for the jobs that Connector performs, you avoid the costly overhead associated with most mortgage marketing platforms. The completion of a message request is considered a "job".    Email for more information.

Connector is the combined engineering effort between Del Mar Computer Corp, an Ellie Mae® Pro Select Parter and Ellie Mae® Certified Developer, and NSN Solutions, Inc., an intelligent engagement company. With over 25 years of LOS development, Del Mar has the experience you need to get the events and triggers dialed in. NSN Solutions has over 12 years experience in mortgage communications.

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